Friday, November 7, 2008

A Judge's Dilemma

In a small town, a man decided to open up a night club which was right opposite to a small church. The members of the church with thier pastor started a campaign to protest the opening the night club. However, a few days later, a lightning struck the club and it was burnt to the ground. The church's people were rather relief but the owner sued the church on the grounds that it was through their prayers responsible for lighting which destroyed his club.

In its reply to the court, the church strongly denied all responsibility or any connection that their prayers were reasons for the act of God. As the case made its way into court, the judge looked over the paperwork at the hearing and commented:
"I don't know how I'm going to decide this case, but it appears from the paperwork, we have a night club owner who believes in the power of prayer and we have an entire church that doesn't."

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C.Alv.B said...

Wah... memang kitaorang memang ada macam ini punya sikap..cuma kadang2 susah mau terima hakikat..hehehe